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Meet the Lash Artist !

Hello everyone, I am Kimberly K

I am a multi certified lash extension artist that specializes in hybrid, volume, and mega volume eyelash extensions.

I have been in the field for over four years, and I am so excited to be apart of the Shear Candy family. I am passionate about my craft. I love learning new techniques and keeping up with the changes in style and looks. 

   When I'm not working you can find me being a full time mom. Anything that has to do with food, music, and good'll find me there!

   Lash extensions are such a confidence booster for myself, and I love providing this same energy for my clients. Lashes offer a darker, fluffier, textured look, and it is nice to wake up, roll out of bed and go  about your day looking and feeling glamorous. 

    It's such a good feeling to make my clients feel comfortable when they step into my studio and provide them with the knowledge they need to have the best retention for their eye lash extensions. 

   Please feel free to check out my Instagram (@outlashedbykimk) for client pictures and different looks I offer. I CANNOT WAIT TO LASH YOU!

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